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The Skills Tree plugin is a C++ plugin for Unreal Engine 4. It offers an easy way to integrate a Skills Tree system in your game without coding.

The Skills Tree plugin offers the following features:

  • A base Skill class that can modified through Blueprints
  • Skill stats for every skill
  • Level stats table for every skill level
  • Four different skill categories (Instant, casting, passive and passive looping skills)
  • Various properties like skill categories (up to 256 different categories supported!), name and description
  • Dedicated functions intended for BP overriding (Execute Skill and Casting Finished)
  • A Skill Unlock Component (attached to every Skill), responsible for unlocking every skill based on your criteria
  • A Skills Tree Component that manages all of the above
  • Save and Load functionality that stores the state of your progress
  • A custom warning system that notifies you when something went wrong while prompting you with a possible fix.

To integrate the Skills Tree into your character just add the Skills Tree Component and follow the instructions in the documentation which is available here

This plugin doesn't support Multiplayer.


Buy Now$25.00 USD or more

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